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Design and Engineering Services

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The Special Film and Sheet Metal Department operates a global network that includes research, manufacturing, and technical service facilities. Through ISO certified manufacturing bases distributed around the world, the company can provide services to customers in various industries and application fields around the world. As a subsidiary business unit of SABIC, the Special Film Board Division benefits from global technology centers located throughout the United States, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, South Korea, and India. These centers provide engineering and technical support, ranging from correct material selection to the induction and analysis of mechanical, thermal, UV/thermal aging data. In addition, they also provide advanced optical measurements, optical models, component design, and installation guidance. The company has also established a complete supply chain and distribution organization composed of local teams, ensuring reliable material supply for customers regardless of their production base location.

The SABIC Special Film and Sheet Department can provide technical support to architects, contractors, and installers around the world, helping them use polycarbonate sheets for architectural design. From the conceptual design stage to the actual results, we can assist in: